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We Supply all types of roof and floor structure 
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Holden Truss has just recently updated  their shop with the
Alpine “X4”
This new saw not only cuts cost, but also production time, and waste, which helps our production personal as well as our prices that make us even more competitive. Feel free to click on the link below to watch a video of the “X4” at work.
With each shipment we sent out to the customer he, or she will receive the following:
Detailed truss layout with each truss name and spacing.
Each sealed truss engineered drawing with details such as loading, ply’s, weight per truss, minimum bearing size and much much more.
LVL spec sheets with size nailing patterns ect. (if required)
Easy to read shipping list with each truss name and design. For easy identification
Every truss has its own label printed all over it (top/bottom cord), and webs for your convenience.
At Holden Truss we are committed to purchasing the most up to date technology in our manufacturing equipment. We are currently using the latest laser technology to our production lines Which creates greater accuracy and also allows us to be most efficient with each and every project.
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